Forensic Design

, Thursday, January 8

Amy Lau created this intriguing forensic scene. Since I can't read French, I'm not sure if it is more art or design or set props for 'Dexter'. Not sure if any of the pieces are for sale, like the fingerprint wine glasses, which I totally want.

I'm oddly fascinated by this work. It reminds me of when I taught forensics photography. For the final my students had to create a crime scene in the classroom and shoot it. They always did a great job. We only had a classroom to use, but they loved it and went all out. In my mind I guess I always wanted it to be as pristine as Amy Lau's dining room. 

For Matt's 30th birthday he played the victim, it was pretty crazy to watch him lying on the floor for hours, covered in blood with a gunshot wound to the head. Happy Birthday. HA! Now I'm totally gonna have to scavenge and find those images. Anyway...

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