Omni Group

, Tuesday, March 24

This image is from part of my desktop at work with a little sparkle fairydust action added to it.

The fairydust came from an application I've been waiting to get from the Omni Group. I'm super excited that they have decided to give their apps up for free. They make great software, mac only. (sorry all you PC users :(  I guess it's just another reason to switch over to the superior computer.) 

Anyway, they have software to help organize project managers, writers, advanced web browsing, planning, and just plain old dazzle. The dazzle app is great for presentations, it allows you to zoom in and out of your screen, highlight specific areas with a flashlight, sprinkle pixie dust all over your screen, etc. I wanted to get OmniDazzle back when I was teaching, it would've been super helpful. I don't know how long they are gonna do this, so if your interested start downloading!

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