Dave Hickey

, Saturday, April 18

Dave Hickey is one of the best known art and culture critics of our time. Known for his arguments against academicism and in favor of the effects of rough-and-tumble free markets on art, his critical essays have been published in two volumes: The Invisible Dragon: Four Essays on Beauty and Air Guitar: Essays on Art and Democracy.

He is a Professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, which is where I got acquainted with his theory. By far, he and his wife Libby Lumpkin, an art historian, were the biggest influences in my early art school days.

He is an incredible writer. His books are fantastically woven together with a no nonsense, you better keep up brilliance about art, culture, cars, theory and music. I have often found myself going back to reread a paragraph and realizing it was just one sentence (insert jaw dropping).

Today he will be at Art Catalogues at MOCA from 3-5 for the reissue of The Invisible Dragon.

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