wear purple today

, Wednesday, October 20

This is very unlike me to do, post or even know about for that matter. I don't usually care about this kind of thing. Especially wearing a specific color to represent a holiday, etc. Actually I don't think I ever have participated in this social tradition. However I just heard about this a few minutes ago and this one means something. Society and politics have gotten way out of control about homophobia lately, and it's unfathomable to me. So here I go, excuse me while I go change my shirt.

In response to the string of recent suicides by gay teens, a girl named Brittany McMillan has sent a call out via her Tumblr account to hold a worldwide LGBTQ Spirit Day that’s spreading via the internet with chain-letter like speed. Posted and re-posted on blogs, Facebook and elsewhere, the announcement asks people to wear purple on October 20 in memory those who ended their lives after being bullied and harassed because of the gender or sexual identity.

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