hot hot heat

, Monday, November 8

So lately I've been hearing a lot about the latest kids tv show craze 'Yo Gabba Gabba'. On part of the show they invite indie bands to come on and perform a children's song created for the show. I have been watching some of them and they are pretty good.

I like that children's music is starting to come from known artists that are creating great music for kids and not just making the mind numbing songs we grew up with. Things that adults could actually enjoy listening to as well. Here is one by 'Hot Hot Heat' from Canada that I like. It has a good beat and great vocals with a children's theme. Here are eleven other performances.

2 Response to "hot hot heat"

mr.matt Says:

Don't forget DEVO

Seth Says:

Perhaps we are looking at the school house rock of another generation. I still love three is a magic number. Touches me down deep in the way only things from childhood can.